How Should Wedding Photographers Billericay Act in Wedding Parties

wedding photographers BillericayYou are hired to become a wedding photographer and you are pretty nervous thinking about it as this is your first time! Or maybe you’ve done it before, but you are still not sure if you’ve done several things right. There are many important things you need to learn: photography techniques, editing techniques, how to plan your position, etc. But one thing that all wedding photographers Billericay shouldn’t miss is this.

How to not embarrass your client when you work as their photographer!

Did you wear correctly?

You are not invited as a guest to the party, that’s right. Your client paid you to work as their photographer for a few hours, so your job is to be there when it starts and ends. But do not think that it is okay to just wear whatever there. It is not okay to wear jeans and a T-shirt to a wedding party as a wedding photographer.

It is definitely not good to wear shorts and sandals. You want to appear respectful to the party your client has prepared. And secondly, you do not need all these attention towards your clothing. Wear formal and make sure they are comfortable to work in for hours on.

Do not interrupt people

It’s tempting to tell people what they should do, so your pictures look nice. But the problem is that these people do not like that. Just like how you are having fun and then someone told you to have fun this way. Hey, it’s not your party!

Wedding photographers Billericay can learn from Chris Woodman Photography is capturing moments naturally. There’s no need to script them or make people do what you want, although they are acceptable to a certain level. Discuss with your clients if you need to do this to make sure you are not interrupting at the party.

How did you shoot?

People have their own style and ways of taking pictures. Some people like to use certain mode in their cameras while others believe they need to position themselves in such a way to get the correct lighting and angle. Whichever it is, you need to always be conscious of where you are. You don’t lay on the floor during the ceremony under the premise you are taking a professional approach, for example.

If doing something compromises the comfort of the people around you, do not do that. Stay within acceptable manners whenever you shoot during the reception, ceremony or within the crowd.


There are a lot of things that you can edit and in fact, wedding pictures tend to look so much better when you edit them correctly. Colors can be enhanced and pictures can look like they are brought to life. If you do it correctly, you will really bring some amazing and fantastic results to your clients.

But if you don’t, and you might not realize it, it’s over. Editing too much can make pictures look completely out of the world; they don’t look natural and traces of editing are way too visible. Be moderate about it and stop when you are in a dilemma of doing more to the pictures.

We hope this article helps wedding photographers Billericay who are still starting out there!