Smart Wedding Planning Tactics

Make your menu workable.

wedding photographer NorfolkA fixed menu will turn out to be a really bad decision and this is why you need to take things like this into account all of the time. You need to understand that although food will turn out to be a main requirement in a wedding reception party, it isn’t all that there is to it. You need to know for sure that you are indeed mapping out the details for a menu that will not just taste good but that will also turn out to be something fitting for you and for the wedding specifics that you have been planning out so far. For example, if you happen to have kids attending the wedding, it would probably be a really bad idea for you to pay for a full plated meal for the kids per head.

Have a kiddie meal mapped out and prepared for instead.

This will end up costing you way less money than you would probably think and at the same time, you get to give them something that they will actually like a lot. Imagine having to serve seafood or mussels out to you children. You need to make your menu work for you and in this premise, you need to have a wedding caterer who is more than capable to bend over backwards for you and for everything else that you have been trying to do or pull off so far. You also need to make sure that you feed your wedding photographer Norfolk and the rest of your vendors as a courtesy.

Pay less for your gown.

It doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive. You can still get an equally beautiful and breathtaking gown without losing an arm and a leg for it at the end of the day. You can pick out a wedding dress from any location and in any means that works out the best for you and for the kind of budget you have. You may opt to get it taken from a bridal boutique. You can go to a rental place. You can buy it online. Or you may even get to one of your family’s dresses that have been passed down from one generation to the other. Imagine the other stuff that you could have done with your money for your wedding if you haven’t blown it all off on the wedding gown. You need to approach this level headedly and you shouldn’t allow your whims to control you and control the way that you plan out and spend out for your wedding. A wedding photographer Norfolk will be able to shoot beautiful pictures of you regardless of where the dress came from.

Go for less expensive musicians.

There are so many people that you can tap into. Go to your church choir. Go to your school a Capella group. Get in touch with a friend or family member who can play and who can sing. If you are lucky and if you play your cards right, it will all work out for you.

Alcohol flat rate is a bad idea.

Pay for a consumable bar and don’t try to pa a flat rate because not all of your guests can drink that much and this can turn out to be a really wasteful idea at the end of the day.