Mistakes the Wedding Photographer Hampshire Should Avoid Making

We all make mistakes from time to time.

wedding photographer HampshireAnd we don’t dwell on them, but learn to become better. We learn to not make those mistakes a second time and promise that we’ll do better next time. But as a wedding photographer Hampshire, you don’t really get to say that you will do better next time.

Wedding photography is one of that business that is actually expensive and happens on once in a lifetime. You’ve always got only one shot to do this right, so here are mistakes that you definitely don’t want to accidentally make.

Spending too much on the wrong things

When you freelance and become the master of your own business, it’s literally easy to focus on the wrong things. You think upgrading your gears are important to your business and you set your eye on the newest camera body that cost 4 to 5 times your original gear. Or maybe you thought that you should be blogging even more on your site because your site is not getting enough visits and exposures.

Most of the time, your $2,999 gears are doing great and blogging might not be your forte that you should be spending too much time on. There are definitely more important things you should be focused on!

You don’t know how to price

Many photographers who are just starting out think that it’s okay to sell their service cheaply. As a matter of fact, discount does attract the attention of many people. However, your marketing techniques should never involve selling yourself too low or high. Clients want to find a professional photographer and are often willing to spend more than the budget they allocated.

A wedding photographer Hampshire should consider the hours spent, how much you want to earn a month or annually and the prices your competitors are setting up.

You look horrible in wedding parties

The last thing your client need is to have you appear at their wedding parties in sloppy T-shirts and shorts. No, don’t do that, no matter how comfortable it may seem for your work. It’s true that to make great pictures, you have to feel comfortable about moving around for the whole day in what you wear. But equally important quality to uphold is to be respectful to the clients that have paid you $2,000.

If you are not directly hired by clients, but by a wedding organizer, you are hurting your image and they might not want to hire you ever again. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to spend $100 to get a new pair of formal pants.

‘I’m also a commercial photographer…’

Most photographers cannot rely on only one type of photography unless the potentials are big and retention is possible. With wedding photography, you don’t get that much retention, so you might want to expand to another line of work. However, make sure that it’s not something of a completely different line of work. It has to remain as something related to wedding photography.

For example, a wedding photographer Hampshire like http://www.danishapple.com/ also expands his line of work to baby and family portraits. They are still related because you also work on family portraits in wedding photography.

Wedding Photography: Where Do I Start Looking?

wedding photographers hampshireChoosing the guy that will be taking pictures of your one and the only wedding party is important. You need to know that the guy is capable, will take quality pictures, will arrange them in a beautiful bespoke album and will give you the digital files to let you enjoy with your family members.

And these are the steps that you need to take to begin searching for the right person!

1.    Get recommendations

Get advice from married friends or relatives. Since they’ve experience of dealing with possibly multiple photographers before deciding on one, it would be great to get some inputs on why they were or were not satisfied with their choice.

Online recommendations are also a great place to look at. There are forums for married and engaged couples to discuss and advice each other on marriage related matters.

2.    Go to photographer’s sites

Another way is to stalk the sites on potential photographers. Get to know their works and their style by browsing through their portfolios. The website http://www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk/  is an example of a photography site where they promote their service and update on their latest achievement. If you are searching for a wedding photographer Hampshire based, you can start here!

Go to their social media sites where they are most active on.

These accounts are usually filled with their latest works and updates, so you can be sure that they are updated and does not apply the same pose and idea to every other wedding parties.

3.    Consider multiple photographers

You never which one will really live up to your expectation, so never settle for only one! Make sure that you continue your search for another wedding photographer Hampshire that you like, too.

4.    Ask them questions!

During the consultation, ask them things like their style and if they are able to show you more of their previous works other than what they put up online. You want to know that they have a consistent style and that they are not using the same trick for multiple weddings!

You also want to know how they work and whether they can work and produce something that is of your preferences. For example, you want a relaxed tone on your pictures for your outdoor party, so you would not want your photographer whose style focus on sophisticated and glamorous pictures.

5.    Know about achievements and trophies

There are several achievements bestowed on only the best photographers. Knowing some of these will help you to qualify the photographer you are looking at as renowned or not. Some of them are informed of memberships that show they’ve passed through a series of training.

An example is the BIPP, or British Institute of Professional Photography which is 100 years old and continues to provide qualifications for exceptional photographers, hold numerous events and continuously hold classes and training sessions for their members.

6.    Take your time

Searching for the right person will take time, so you want to start looking early on! One to two years before your wedding date is a good time as many photographers are booked as far as years to come. If you don’t want your favorite photographer out-of-stock, you will want to look as soon as possible!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer hampshireI must tell you that your wedding day has lots of features in it, but the only feature that will last very long and never be forgotten is your wedding photos. This is due to the reason that your wedding photo is a memento that will be used by you to reminisce about the important moments that occurred on that day of yours after it is long gone. Your wedding day can never mean so much to you if you don’t get good photos; the only way to get top-notch photos is when you hire a professional wedding photographer Hampshire. Because your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, here are 5 reasons why you need a professional wedding photographer.

  • A professional wedding photographer has the shooting experience

It is important to note that weddings in Hampshire can’t be complete if they are no professionals to grace the wedding. An expert wedding photographer Hampshire has all the experience you need for your wedding photography achieve perfection. Wedding photography is not all about hiring someone with an expensive camera to take photos. You need an expert knows how to take the best angle shots and the best memories of that day that will make your day relevant to you at all times.

  • A professional wedding photographer has shot in extravagant weddings before

A good wedding photographer has probably shot in extravagant weddings before. Due to this reason, he can be trusted to change your wedding event into a memorable on that you can never forget. Even if your wedding day is not as luxurious as the one he has shot in, he will make sure your wedding photos look like you have spent lots of cash on it.

  • A professional has the best photography equipment

Your wedding photographer has not only cameras but lighting equipment, gears, etc. This wedding photographer has all it takes and he is always prepared for any eventuality that may occur on your wedding day – this means that he will take the backup equipment along with him when going to shoot on your wedding day.

  • A professional has a photography studio that is well equipped

A well-equipped studio is something an amateur or someone with just an expensive camera can never have. As I have said, wedding photography is more than just expensive cameras, have you forgotten the editing processes? This is the final stage your photos have to go through before it comes out beautiful. The editing of your wedding photos can never come out great with using the latest technologies to edit and put finishing touches on it.

  • A professional will work in line with your desires

You have plans of having important memories on your wedding photos – a professional wedding photographer can offer you this. A pro is committed and dedicated to you in bring out sensational photos that will keep the best memories that you didn’t even notice just because you are caught up in the emotions on that day.

Your wedding day can never be the same without hiring professionals in it. You may be considering the cost of hiring an expert wedding photographer Hampshire, but I must tell you that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, is it not worth it to give it all the best you’ve got? Am sure you don’t want that day to be in ruins, right? Therefore, get a pro for your special day.