Wedding Photography And Lighting

wedding photographer EdinburghWedding photography is a delicate art form that requires the wedding photographer Edinburgh to pay attention to all the little details to get those stunning, once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos. It isn’t as simple as snapping hundreds of photos at weddings.

Wedding photography involves a keen eye and a perfect mixture of photography elements.

Balance between elements is most important in wedding photography in order to convey the concept of photography clearly and artistically. One photographic element that wedding photographers should pay close attention to when doing wedding photography is lighting. Aside from generally affecting the quality of the wedding photos, lighting also plays a big role in creating an overall mood or atmosphere of the photos. It is important that you have the correct lighting when doing wedding photography or else, you’ll end up with washed-out, unrecognizable photos that belong to the trash bin rather than a wedding album.

Lighting in photography is more than how bright or how dark a picture is.

It deals more with how your images will appear in terms of shape and texture as well as color. This is an important piece of information that wedding photographers should keep in mind when doing wedding photography. When their client has a specific theme, concept or motif in mind for the wedding photography, it is the photographer’s responsibility to figure and plan out the appropriate lighting which will recreate and turn these plans into actions.

Before wedding photographers go on ahead and set up their flashes, it is important that we first understand the characteristics of lighting and how they affect the overall mood of wedding photography. There are three characteristics of lighting which wedding photographers should look out for. These are harshness, direction and color. Basically, when a wedding photographer Edinburgh thinks about lighting he isn’t thinking about the light source. Instead, he looks at the shadows being made by the light source.

If the wedding photography calls for well-deep shadows since the general mood is dramatic, a wedding photographer Edinburgh should have a harsh or hard lighting for the shoot. If the mood was carefree and less shadowy, the soft lighting would best achieve that overall look and impression.

The direction also adds more or less depth to your wedding pictures.

Different directions produce different effects on the wedding pictures. If you were shooting close up pictures of the bride and groom, this should be the first thing you should think about. The next characteristic of lighting is color. Overall, the color characteristic sets the mood or tone of the wedding photos. If the wedding photography is opting for a happy and fluffy mood, it would be best to use lighting that highlights warm colors such as red, orange or yellow hues. However, if we were going with something dramatic and sentimental than the varying shades of blue and greys would be your best option.

A well-balance combination of the three characteristics of lighting creates perfect images for the wedding album. In planning the wedding photography, wedding photographers should not take lighting lightly. Recreating or finding the perfect lighting is a fundamental skill wedding photographers need to excel in this business. is one of the best of the best in the industry.