Parents’ Newborn Photography Guide 101

newborn photography LondonWhat do parents need to know about newborn photography? Here are the things that you may want to expect and know before booking for one. If you’re 4 months pregnant, we’d suggest that you read this article soon, so you’ll have more time to prepare yourself.

It’s a very amazing experience to have the first pictures of your baby taken in a newborn photography London. Making sure that the very first recorded memories of your baby goes perfectly is something that any parents would want to do.

Newborn photography variations

Photographers have a different style in executing baby photography. Some are more comfortable with traditional while others find delight in capturing baby moments at the very place they will grow up in. The first is called the traditional or formal style of baby photography. The latter is called lifestyle.

You will have to go to the studio to have the pictures taken in the traditional style of photography. The photographer will prepare the props and set as you’ve agreed before. You also need to come and wear clothes that you are comfortable in because you’ll also have your pictures taken.

In lifestyle, the photographer will come over to the house and take pictures in several parts of the house. Sometimes, outdoor is also a nice place to take pictures, but only when the weather is good. Keeping the baby wrapped up would be a good idea.

Ready to wait

A newborn session is never one you can expect. Because every baby differs, not even you as a few days mother can know if your baby will like to settle down for the photography session or not. A newborn photography London provider,, explains this. Because of that, you need to expect that you’ll have to wait for a couple of hours before it’s done.

You can prepare by bringing some reading materials or having a friend to accompany you. If your partner can come along, it’ll be best. Enjoy the session and relax as you’re probably still exhausted from your labor. It’ll also help when you have to step up in front of the camera.

Wear nice

Wear something nice, but not too sparkling or fancy. The theme here is purity and newborn related. As your baby is going to be naked the entire time, any clothes that stand out will distract the attention. For example, simple basic color like white or black will do great. Wear matching colors with your partner. It can be black or white together or black and white, opposite colors from each other.

Just make sure you don’t stand out too much. The session is a newborn photography London session, not fashion portrait.

Safety first

Always make sure that the photography set is safe for the baby. Check the temperature, the condition of the props that will be used and how clean the place is. The last thing you want is to have the baby catch a cold or worse from the low temperature or dirty blankets.

Discuss the safety of some particular props that may endanger the baby. Hanging bags, for example, has to be done by pros with another adult on alert close by.