Techniques Every Headshot Photographer Reading Needs to Know

headshot photographer ReadingWhen it comes to head shot photography, we can find very few skilled headshot photographer Reading even though headshot photography is one of the commonest type of photography. Most people hardly take headshot photos because they consider it a bring type of photography. But actually it’s not only if you understand its nature.

What is Headshot Photography?

Headshot photography is a type of photography that focuses mainly in capturing a person’s face either to realistically demonstrate a person’s appearance or basically for branding or casting. Headshot photography can actually be used in the corporate world as a tool for marketing and branding. Also a major requirement when it comes to setting up your website, social media accounts, brochures and maybe annual reports.

The headshot photography is one of the types of portrait photography that captures a person without any form of distraction at all since it focuses all attention on the person. Headshot photography is usually common with models advertising for a particular product or list of casts in a movie. I would say that the headshot kind of photography requires a lot of expertise since it involves a lot of focus, lightening and scrutiny to get the perfect result.

Techniques of getting the right headshot photography

First of all there are some certain things a headshot photographer Reading should know before taking headshot photos. They include

  • Understanding what the client wants
  • Get to know the purpose for the headshot photography. That is if it’s for casting, social media, marketing a brand etc.
  • The kind of dressing your client needs to wear for a perfect headshot photograph
  • The best settings and gears to use.

Getting the right headshot photography involves a lot of energy, but however, if you are very conversant with this type of photography, then getting it right shouldn’t be much of a task since you are already experienced. Her are a few techniques for headshot photography

Getting the Right Pose

Getting the poses to sit down with his head and shoulder slightly turned would actually make a lot of difference since poses are limited. You can also use landscape or portrait to take this type of photography to create enough spaces for the cropping procedure. Make sure while engaging in this type of pose, the poser is relaxed and calm so as to get a flawless portrait. Try making the poser smile or laugh a little, this might help in some ways to bring out a perfect portrait.

Lightning Settings

The lightning to be used for headshot photography is really important. Using one or two studio lights would do justice to the photo or probably the camera flashes may help if you do not have enough studio lightening. The essence of the lighting is to help focus on the poser to get a perfect definition of the facial features of the poser. If the lightning settings are too bright, you can reduce it or increase it if the lightning settings is too dark.

Camera Settings

This should be a very important thing to note when trying to take headshot photos. The camera setting should be set to manual especially if you are shooting in the studio. Using semi-automatic settings may end up producing incorrect exposures. Set the camera ISO to 100 for a better image quality and shutter speed should be synchronised with the camera flash.

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