Wedding Photography: 5 Ways to Know You Hired the Right Person(s)

Essex wedding photographerFrom among so many preparations couples have to do for their weddings to be successful and memorable, wedding photography has nothing to do with it. Yet, wedding photography matters so much with what happens afterward, because after the party, everybody has to go on with their lives and whatever is left can only be seen in your wedding album.

Knowing this, of course you want to make sure that you’ve hired the right guy to handle your bespoke wedding album.

1.     Limited Reservations

As reported by one professional Essex wedding photographer, to maintain the quality of their work from consulting to printing and delivery, the amount of wedding offers they can accept cannot go over 40, ideally does 25 to 35 weddings a year. The process to make the albums really special takes time.

Limited or Unwanted?

Knowing your photographer does only less than a certain amount of weddings can also be a sign that they are not really wanted and hired, instead of a sign that they limit themselves. Know the difference!

Early Book

Usually, such photographers have to be booked as early as one to two years ahead! Make sure that your photographer is available, as soon as possible. Chances are: you can get yourself a wedding photographer of your choice or you will have to look again for another wedding photographer that can fit in with your schedule.

2.     Portfolios

The more weddings your photographer have worked on, the more portfolios they can show you. Because long experience does not necessarily define quality, you need to flip through as much portfolios they can show you to determine if their style will suit your wedding party.


Photographers are all different. Each one come and present you with a different style of how they see the same thing and so, you will need to decide what kind of wedding do you want. For example, you might want a cozy, fun wedding in a beautiful garden, which should bring to finding the best wedding photographer with relaxed tone in their photos.

3.     Experiences

If you were to decide which one is more important, portfolio is, but experience should not be ignored. Someone who has gone on more weddings is more likely to be able to face various problems that can happen in a wedding that may hinder the photography work. They are also able to give their clients more tips on a smoother wedding photography process compared to beginners.

4.     Recommendations

This can come from many sides; it could be your friends, the venue you are renting or direct ratings and reviews of those who had used your photographer services. Positive reviews show positive signs that your photographer deliver according to those couples’ wishes and a guarantee that they can do the same to you, too.

This makes it worth it even if your dream photographer, for example, is an Essex wedding photographer and your wedding venue is somewhere outside there. The extra effort and cost worth the quality you will get.

5.     Contract and Insurance

To ensure that all your weddings and the money that you’ve invested go to the right person and place and that no unfortunate accidents shall turn your happiest day to the most expensive day, make sure that you and your wedding photography will also be protected from any unforeseen issues.

Planning Your Essex Wedding: Wedding Photographers

Hire a professional photographer

wedding photographer EssexPerfection is that goal strived for by couples planning for the details and activities that go into their wedding day. Having attained perfection in the planning stage, the next thing that ought to come next is the capturing of such perfection over the course of the events of the wedding day. A means by which to achieve this comes when you hire wedding photographer Essex Chris Deller. Even if the aim behind choosing the wedding photographer is to have a wedding keepsake, it still does not hurt to aim for perfection in that too. This is due to the fact that there are several wedding photographers available but not all of them can offer the best of wedding services or packages.

Browse through wedding magazines

Before making the final choice amongst the pool of Essex wedding photographers, make it a priority to browse through wedding magazines carefully as they serve as a wonderful insight into the world of weddings. In the wedding magazines, you are bound to come across different techniques and styles used for wedding photography and this should be the perfect opportunity for you to decide on which works best for you. Going by the fact that a wedding is a union of two individuals, it is important that you and your partner agree on the style or kind of photography that appeal to you.

Consider opinions

Having to consider the opinion and wants of two individuals’ means that adequate research of the market is done. Also, it means that setting up an interview with the host of Essex wedding photographers is needed so that you can increase the chances of getting the best. What is more important in all this is the avoidance of future problems during or after the wedding if the wedding photographer fails to meet your needs.

Prepare a list

Once you have an idea of the type of Essex wedding photography packages and services available, the next thing to be done is to compile a list or screenshot of the photographs that appeal to you so that you can showcase them to your potential photographer. When it comes to photography, there is a wide array of options ranging from the vibrant colour saturated shots to the moody black and white vintage ones. Showing the type of photographs you fancy to the wedding photographer not only helps you to determine if the photographer is up to the task but also invites their input on what works best with your wedding.

Book as soon as possible

Once the factors of style and type of services have been cleared, the next thing to do would be to book your wedding with the as soon as possible so as to avoid last minute problems. Weddings are events that are bound to occur weekly and there is always the high possibility of there being another wedding within the same location as yours. You do not want to be stuck making last minute arrangements with the next available photographer all because you left your booking till late. The best way to take care of this problem would be to book as early as a month or two before the wedding.