5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Baby Photography

baby photographyThe biggest step people make when they decide to become a baby photographer is that they are binding themselves to the unknown world of babies. It can be scary, challenging and crazy because they are balls of energy that just won’t stay quiet sometimes!

On the other hand, you have to be a creative photographer who won’t hesitate to do anything for a perfect baby photography session. But before you are scared out of your wit, here are 5 things to know so you are ready for your first baby photography session.

  1. Discuss with parents

During the day you meet and discuss with parents regarding the date and time for the photography session, ask them what they want. What kind of pictures do they enjoy having? Maybe you can help them by pointing out some of your pictures that they love and try to recreate the same vibe from it. But make sure that you are not using the same ideas on different clients!

It’s also important to gain their consent and sign a contract if necessary, to make sure they agree to all your terms. With a signed contract, you can be sure that they won’t suddenly change their mind on the day the photography takes place.

  1. New props!

From time to time, it’s important to get new props for your photography session. Soon enough, you will have about 30 babies that are seen in the same background, holding the same toys and props. Buy more new props and put them on cycle, so you don’t always appear using the same thing. You should also get blankets of all basic colors and soft, pastel colors.

  1. Nursery room

This is an important part of providing baby photography service. Mothers need a private place to breastfeed their babies and you don’t have to build a big nursery room – just enough for the mother to change his diaper and sit while feeding her baby.

  1. Rely on natural light

It’s very important that photographers know what kind of light they should be using. For baby photographs, natural light is the best combination to get for many reasons. First of all, babies should not be exposed to bright camera flash as they still don’t know how to avoid it. Second, babies have smooth skin and innocent face that looks very good and smooth under natural light.

Just because you have to rely on natural light, doesn’t mean you can’t use anything else. White reflectors are great to cover for the shadows. Using white blankets also work if you don’t have a white piece of paper and want softer reflection!

  1. Safety first

Nothing is more important in a baby photography session for the photographer who owns https://suekennedy.co.uk/ than safety. And such should be your priority as well. Of course, good shots are sometimes tempting and makes you think that it’s okay to do it.

But be sure that your first won’t be the one that ends in lawsuits and sour reviews from your clients. Have adults support the baby and supervise the set when you and parents have to talk outside.

Everything About Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootWhat do you need to know about baby photoshoot? How do you find a suitable person for the job? What to expect during one? Here is everything about baby photography session and hopefully, it will help you decide what you should do.

How to find a pro

When you look for a professional baby photographer, make sure to find someone who does not only care about the result but also the safety of the baby. Babies don’t really know how to avoid dangers, so it’s up to parents and adults to watch out for them.

A professional also knows how to get the baby’s attention and will try to get to know about the occasion and why you want baby pictures to be taken. Enthusiasm is a quality that should exist. You should check out his portfolios before meeting him and asked to be explained how the session will go specifically with him.

What happens there?

When you come, your baby will be given the outfit for the specific session. It is also common to bring your own clothes if you have something in mind. That can be discussed through a phone call or when you book the photographer. Then, you will be shown the set where the pictures will be taken.

Check that the props that are going to be used have been cleaned and safe for usage. There should not be sharp corners, pointy ends, choking hazards, etc. If you are using the photographer’s outfit, quick check that it is clean and is comfortable for the baby to wear.

Every baby reacts differently in a baby photoshoot. They can look happy, sad or even unfazed by what is happening in front of them. But the joy of this session is to be able to take some formal pictures of the baby professionally, explains a professional from Stephen Bruce Photography. So, try not to feed yourself false hope from seeing baby pictures that look so excited!

Types of baby photography

There are mainly two different types of baby photography, lifestyle, and formal photography. Lifestyle is rather an informal approach because the baby will have pictures taken around your house. The photographer will come and take the pictures. Before that, the photographer will make sure that the rooms are suitable to have pictures taken and consult you about it.

The other style, which is often referred to as a formal or traditional style, is usually done at the studio. The photographer will invite you and the baby over to have the pictures taken. The set, props and sometimes outfits are prepared by the photographer and you are usually allowed to choose which one you want to be in. Otherwise, you can leave everything to the photographer.

Both styles of photography is good and you can have your own preference. Some photographers will also be able to tell if they are more comfortable with which style. There are photographers who work better with lifestyle baby photoshoot, for example.

Bookmark this page to come back again when you plan for your baby photoshoot. And our last advice here is to enjoy the session with your little one!

Calgary newborn photography: Excellent tips to get the best baby photos

Calgary newborn photographyOne aspect of photography that is quite special is newborn photography. It is special because it has to do with ensuring the welfare and safety of a newborn child. It is one thing to take shots of beautiful places and adults that can be directed, but working with infants can bring fear to even the best photographers because of how fragile and fickle these newborns are. Here are some seasoned tips to help you have a good knowledge on Calgary newborn photography and get you started.

Tip 1- Safety is paramount in newborn photography

In Calgary newborn photography, safety always comes first. As a newborn photographer, you need to ensure there are no sharp objects on the floor that will cause harm to the baby. Do not place the newborn on high surfaces or unstable ones without the help of a spotter. Always know that some of the best photos of newborns that are appealing to the eyes are composites. So when you see beautiful images of a newborn sleeping on a basketball or resting on a tree, know that those pictures were never attempted without using several safety processes and composite techniques.

Tip 2- Always make the newborn comfortable

In newborn photography, you need to know how to take care and comfort a child if not, the child will always cry around every time he/she sees you, this will be difficult for everyone involved in the shoot. You can wear gloves if your hands are cold or you can use warm pads and always make sure your studio is nice and warm to make the baby feel very comfortable.

Tip 3- Choose the best timeframe

The best time for newborn photography is around the first 14 days of birth; by this time it will be very easy to work with them. This is due to the fact that most times during the day they are sleeping. It is important to note that you can also adjust them effortlessly at this timeframe

Tip 4Be creative when taking baby shots

Creativity will help you stand out in newborn photography. But first, you need to always start with the basics and then you can advance to complex photos. But when the baby becomes picky you need to stop taking the shots for the meantime. You can also get creative props to spice your newborn photography anytime. This will differentiate between a skilled photographer and an amateur.

Tip 5- Add reflectors when taking baby shots

You do not need special fancy lighting for your newborn photography. All that is required is a large window light. You can also add a Westcott 5 in 1 reflector to take away unwanted shadows that might appear in your photo shots.

No doubts, newborn photography may look frightening at first, it is just like any form of photography out there. All you need is patience and endurance and you will get the best shots. Although, there are so much to Calgary newborn photography all you need is proper planning and research and you are good to go. To get more details on newborn photography, you need to check Dulce Baby Photography and get the best out of this form of photography.