5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Baby Photography

baby photographyThe biggest step people make when they decide to become a baby photographer is that they are binding themselves to the unknown world of babies. It can be scary, challenging and crazy because they are balls of energy that just won’t stay quiet sometimes!

On the other hand, you have to be a creative photographer who won’t hesitate to do anything for a perfect baby photography session. But before you are scared out of your wit, here are 5 things to know so you are ready for your first baby photography session.

  1. Discuss with parents

During the day you meet and discuss with parents regarding the date and time for the photography session, ask them what they want. What kind of pictures do they enjoy having? Maybe you can help them by pointing out some of your pictures that they love and try to recreate the same vibe from it. But make sure that you are not using the same ideas on different clients!

It’s also important to gain their consent and sign a contract if necessary, to make sure they agree to all your terms. With a signed contract, you can be sure that they won’t suddenly change their mind on the day the photography takes place.

  1. New props!

From time to time, it’s important to get new props for your photography session. Soon enough, you will have about 30 babies that are seen in the same background, holding the same toys and props. Buy more new props and put them on cycle, so you don’t always appear using the same thing. You should also get blankets of all basic colors and soft, pastel colors.

  1. Nursery room

This is an important part of providing baby photography service. Mothers need a private place to breastfeed their babies and you don’t have to build a big nursery room – just enough for the mother to change his diaper and sit while feeding her baby.

  1. Rely on natural light

It’s very important that photographers know what kind of light they should be using. For baby photographs, natural light is the best combination to get for many reasons. First of all, babies should not be exposed to bright camera flash as they still don’t know how to avoid it. Second, babies have smooth skin and innocent face that looks very good and smooth under natural light.

Just because you have to rely on natural light, doesn’t mean you can’t use anything else. White reflectors are great to cover for the shadows. Using white blankets also work if you don’t have a white piece of paper and want softer reflection!

  1. Safety first

Nothing is more important in a baby photography session for the photographer who owns https://suekennedy.co.uk/ than safety. And such should be your priority as well. Of course, good shots are sometimes tempting and makes you think that it’s okay to do it.

But be sure that your first won’t be the one that ends in lawsuits and sour reviews from your clients. Have adults support the baby and supervise the set when you and parents have to talk outside.