Sources of Motivation for Wedding Photographers South Wales

wedding photographers South WalesThere comes a time in the life of every professional be it wedding photographers South Wales Kate Adams Photography or videographers where the question of what motivates them to continue in that working field ought to be answered. The working life from research is one that most people do not adapt to and are only involved in because of necessity. If the world was not created in a way that services or goods need to be paid for before they can be enjoyed, most people would not engage in a certain line of profession.

This is why it becomes very important to understand the driving force behind the presence or involvement of individuals in certain jobs. From research, the following were pinpointed as major areas:

  • Passion

Passion refers to a love of the activity. You found something appealing, you developed an interest in it and decided to make something out of it. Passion for something boosts your drive to want to give your best in it. It means getting bored or turned off from the job lessens all because you have a love for it. However, the sad case is for most people that end up doing one job or the other, passion is never one of the two major motivating factors.

In the case of a wedding photographer, what can qualify as passion. It can be anything from your love for weddings and a need to document them to a personal experience that made you appreciate the craft even more. An identifying factor for interest turned into passion is the fact that most people seem to have had a personal experience with the event thereby leading to a need to want to pursue it further.

  • Necessity

I need a roof over my head and food in my belly therefore being a part of wedding photographers South Wales should help take care of that. This category of people is not easily motivated. Their presence in this profession is purely a reaction to the dictates of society. The way they go about the coverage of a job will be totally different from those found in the passionate category.

For them, it is all about survival nothing more nothing less. There is no thirst to do something great or accomplish a milestone. The driving force here is to have a stable source of income to get by in life and for them photography seems like the best means to achieve it.

  • Mastery

This category of people can easily be confused for those that are passionate. However, this form of motivation often borders on obsession. The wedding photographers South Wales in this case are driven to master the profession to satisfy a certain need. After mastery of the profession, there is no certainty as to whether or not the individual will remain in it as the individual is more involved or determined to self actualize a certain need. Once that need has been fulfilled he or she might move on to the next challenge or persist in the line of photography as a mentor to others.