Portrait Taking Tips For Wedding Photographers

Natural environment

portrait photographyOne thing that most wedding photographers usually get wrong is the aspect of the environment for a portrait taking session. You need to go out of your way to make sure that no matter what happens, you get to focus on the comfort level of the subject that you are working with when it comes to the kind of setup you have prepared for them for the portrait shoot. Although what’s usually the most convenient for wedding photographers is to hold the portrait shoot in a studio where lighting, along with other elements can be easily controlled, this may not be something that most of your subjects will be comfortable with.

Like if you are holding a bridal shoot, for instance, and you need to take closeup portrait shots of the bride; you will need to be a little more creative with the kind of setup you are preparing for your subjects at the end of the day. This is something that you will need to be a little more creative about. Some brides prefer the bridal shoot in a hotel room or at home or in the actual wedding venue, just a few days before the actual wedding day. Make it a point to work things out with them because comfortable looking subjects tend to photograph well.

Kids or shorter people

Wedding photographers should go out of their way to make sure that the perspective of the portrait shots being taken are from that of the subjects’ and not from theirs. This is particularly important and impacting when it comes to the aspect of photographing kids or shorter human beings. As a professional wedding photographer, you will need to crouch down to their particular level and take things from there. Adjust to this as much as possible if you do not want to end up with photos that have empty upper half parts. Take the time to really get this checked out because this will bring the most out of your portrait shots as a wedding photographer.


Teeth are naturally yellowish. It is mainly due to the kind of food and drinks that people consume. You will not really be able to do something about this issue in the real world but as a visual artist, you can wave your magic wand and digitally whiten your subject’s teeth. This may seem like a really trivial detail to have to spend time in when it all comes down to it but it will be well worth the effort. The kind of effect this has on your portrait shots will be tremendous and it will surprise you and sort of make you wonder why you have never really thought this out in the past.

Skin blemishes or imperfections

Skin is crucial to the success of a portrait shot. You don’t really have a lot to work with as a wedding photographer and most of it will be reliant on the kind of skin that the subjects have. A little editing and some flattering lighting can really go a long way when it comes to this.

Wedding Photography Hertfordshire Tips To Help You Prepare

Visit the venue of the wedding ahead of time.

wedding venueThis is because this will help you prepare well in wedding photography Hertfordshire. When you check out the wedding venue in advance, you get to prep up for what you have up ahead. You get to identify what the main opportunities are for improvements and what you need to check out ahead of time. You also get to acquaint yourself with the different mechanics required, if any. You get to know about whether or not you have adequate space to work around in or whether you might need to endorse some changes in the entire wedding setup to your clients.

Try to visit the place at the same time that the wedding is actually happening in so that you know how the lighting situation will turn out one way or the other. If you need to bring in your clients so you can gain access to the wedding venue, then go ahead and do it. Clients will appreciate the fact that you are going out of your way to get things done the right way.

Plan your shot list.

Plan out your shot list as much as possible for the wedding photography Hertfordshire shoot. When you have a shot list prepared, you get to more or less make sure that everything will pan out according to how your clients wanted things to do down at the end of the day. Always loop your clients in on what you need to do and on what you need to take care of when it all comes down to it. You can feel free to go ahead and make any creative suggestions along the way but at the end of the day, the clients get to have the last say on whether you should proceed with the options that you suggested or not.

Stick to your shot list as much as possible.

Make sure that you do not miss out on anything. Forgetting to cover a single moment listed on the shot list can turn out with some truly damaging results for your relationship with your clients and this is what you need to go ahead and avoid as much as possible.

Have a good long talk with your second shooter.

Designate tasks ahead of time. When you get to assign tasks to your second shooter, it makes lines of responsibility so much clearer and easier to check out. This will exponentially reduce the aspect of confusion or of running around in circles during the main wedding event shoot. It is also so much better to get into something knowing exactly what things are being expected of you and from you at the end of the day. Make sure that you know about this and that you prep things up the right way.

Get a contract set up.

Make sure that this is something that you are able to roll out the details to your clients, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises somewhere along the way. You need the extra layer of protection.

Wedding Photographer Social Media Tips

Social media as a networking tool.

wedding photographySocial media is a great networking tool for you to go ahead and take advantage of as a wedding photographer. If you have a need to reach out to wedding industry vendors and if you need to ensure that you get to keep tabs of them and of the kind of progress that they are currently making in their specific businesses, social media is a great solution for all of those concerns. Make it a point to make a list of all of the wedding vendors that you have come across or worked with in the weddings that you get to cover as a professional wedding photographer based in essex.

Expand networks

When you are actively working on expanding the networks that you have as a wedding photographer, you are more or less expanding your sphere of influence in the wedding photography industry as well and this is something that will eventually help you out in improving your professional stances from a more commercial perspective. People tend to trust people that they know, or people that people they know about one way or the other. The more people you get to know or get to connect with, the higher the possibilities are of you getting more recommendations and referrals or even potential clients while you are progressing somewhere along in your journey as a wedding photographer.

Schedule posts

Schedule your social media posts if you will be out of town or if you have somewhere that you need to be as a wedding photographer. The thing about social media is that although you may not need to spend too many hours on it all of the time, you need to make it a point to be there at least an hour of every day. You should post on your social media at least once a day every single day. This will ensure that you are at the top of the news feed of the people who are following you or you are subscribing to your social media pages.

The moment that you skip out on this, your previous posts will more or less get buried under the rest of all of the other posts flooding social media all of the time, unless it is constantly getting liked, commented on, or re-shared. If there are days wherein you will be out on long trips or something fairly similar to that, you should try to schedule your social media posts ahead of time so that they get posted automatically. You don’t need to manually post them all of the time. There are lot of apps out there that will allow you to post them automatically without too much difficulty. You can use these software programs to schedule your posts whenever you are away.

Observe online etiquette

Make sure that you get to observe online etiquette all of the time as a professional wedding photographer. Don’t spam your followers with posts or self promotion all of the time. People will eventually get annoyed with you and might end up following you or blocking you and you certainly would not want to go through anything like that.

3 Areas A Wedding Photographer Should Work On In Social Media


wedding photographyTry to take a cue out of how sites such as http://www.carlglanceyphotography.com/ check out the engagement aspect. Engagement is the key to social media success. If you have dilly dallied into the social media world for some time now, this is something that you should have known well enough or should have been quite familiar with when it all comes down to it.

You need to make sure that whatever happens, you always get to loop in your audience in everything that you do or put up on your social media profiles. When people go through the effort of typing up a question in one of your posts or in private messaging you a question directly, make sure that you leave no stones unturned. Always go through the motions of replying to them and of catering to anything that they might contribute to you in terms of conversation and the like.

Social platforms like Facebook actually have some kind of gauge on how long it will take a business to reply to the people sending them messages. This can improve your standing overall and this can be quite helpful in the kind of reputation that you are trying to go ahead and establish at the end of the day.

Relevant content.

Take a page out of the book of more established photography blogs such as http://www.carlglanceyphotography.com/. Whenever you are posting something on your social media profiles, make sure that it is something that has anything to do with the particular field that you would like to more or less get known for or establish yourself in. Would you like to be seen as an expert in the field of wedding photography? Perhaps you should start working on gearing posts towards that direction as much as you can and as frequently as you possibly can.

Condition your online social media behavior to have that kind of pattern as well. Follow anything and everything related to the wedding photography industry or to the wedding industry as a whole because these habits will get to help you form that kind of online social media persona and affect how your audience and other people will perceive you at the end of the day. Perception is everything and it all starts with picking a content that you would like to specialize in and having the dedication of actually staying true to the course.


Although everything is fast paced and all that in this day and age, the same could not be said about your approach to social media as a business entity or as a professional. You need to be a little more consistent in what you do and this requires a certain degree of commitment one way or the other. Make sure that you get to form a routine when you are working on your social media profiles and make sure that you actually get to commit to it. If you have started out a habit of being on there for 2 hours a day, stick to it even when times get tough.

Ways A Hertfordshire Based Wedding photographer Can Show Vendor Love

Vendor list in the blog.

wedding photographyThis is what every Hertfordshire based wedding photographer should be writing up. The vendor list is one section of the blog that you should never opt out of as much as possible. The reason why this seemingly uneventful little section is so important and so strategic is because of the fact that it brings in the best opportunities for you to more or less cozy up with the vendors that you have worked with in the weddings that you cover.

When you put up a vendor list section, you are intentionally creating a directory of vendors along with live clickable links that lead your audience directly to their individual blogs as well. This is a tremendous kind of exposure for the people who are being featured in it and it is something that the vendors will not take lightly.

They will appreciate the fact that you have actually gone through such lengths to get them featured in the first place. More than that, you will eventually see that they will be more than happy to get the job done the right way by reciprocating your efforts somewhere along the way. Showing vendor love and growing your connections and cultivating relationships is one of the best and fastest ways for you to establish yourself in the industry as a greenhorn wedding photographer and something that you should not be taking lightly.

Engage them in social media.

A Hertfordshire based wedding photographer should go out of his way to really talk to people and socialize with them. Social media is there for one main reason, so that you can socialize to people in a way that has never really been done the right way before. If you let an opportunity or a platform like this pass by without taking full advantage of it in the first place, you will be wasting a pretty good chance in getting your name and your brand out there when it all comes down to it and that is something that you should not miss as much as possible.

Talk to people.

When they have any questions, go out of your way to actually answer it. In case they make a comment or reaction on any threads or any posts that you have up, reply to them in the timeliest manner. Observe online etiquette all of the time whenever you are at it. If your page doesn’t have that kind if following just yet, try to be the one to spark the interaction. Visit public forums and try to stir up interesting and intelligent conversation. The volleying back and forth of ideas has always been something that get people excited in you and in what you do and you should make the most out of it as much as you possibly can.

Offer a vendor feature in your blog.

Whenever you don’t have any weddings booked, try to reach out to any vendors you may have worked with in the past and see if you can write up a blog feature about them. Send them a questionnaire ahead of time so that you get to have some kind of background about them. Most of these vendors will find it hard to turn down a professional photography coverage that is also for free. Watermark your pictures and share it to them for free. You get free publicity during the process.

Photo Booth For Hire Operation Mechanics

Have extra supplies of ink and paper

photo booth for hireAs a photo booth for hire operator, you need to make sure that you always have extra supplies of ink and paper. Running out of supplies is every photo booth operator’s worst nightmare. You have to understand that this is something that your clients can turn out to be upset about in the long run because of the fact that you are being paid by the hour or the agreements on photo booth hires is usually based off of a number of hours that the service caters to the event and this is something that the clients can turn out to be quite sensitive about and particular with when it all comes down to it.

You need to make sure that you get to include extra supplies in your arsenal all of the time. Nothing can be far worse than being smack right in the middle of covering an event and you suddenly run out of supplies because you did not have enough foresight to bring along some spares while you are at it. You cannot afford to have something like this happen to you when you have an event to cover and this is why extra supplies will always save the day for you.

Give yourself extra time to set up your photo booth for hire equipment.

Arrive at the event early as much as possible. The kind of equipment that you have when you are running a photo booth business is no joke. It is usually something high tech and something fairly complicated to set up and dismantle and in order for you to make sure that you will be able to stay right on schedule and that you do not end up being late for the event, you need to be there fairly early.

Be 2 hours or so early

Make a habit out of constantly being 2 hours or so early than the time that you are expected to be there by the clients. This way, you can adjust the settings of your photo booth equipment and more or less make it compatible with the positioning, with the lighting in that area, and with how the guests are supposed to file in and file out when they are getting their photos taken. Go for high traffic areas that will allow you to maximize your exposure as a photo booth service. The more people get their pictures taken, the more exposure you end up getting as a photo booth service and this can be a good thing for business. You will never really know when the next potential client pops up and asks for a business card.

Follow up during the first 24 hours of the coverage.

Your clients expect as much from you as their photo booth for hire when it all comes down to it. Events are usually fast paced and the clients will require or at least expect instantaneous results. This is the main reason why you should reach out to your clients within the first 24 hours after the event has taken place. They will want a copy of all of the photos that have been taken during the event, naturally and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is something that you get to provide to them.

Wedding Photographer Sussex Fundamental Tips

Get a shot list together.

wedding photographerA wedding photographer Sussex should never end up forgetting any important moments during the wedding. The shot list is the perfect piece of info that will get to go ahead and guide you as you go along in your wedding photo shoot. There have been countless times wherein wedding photographers and the brides that they have worked with have had a bit of a falling out and have ended up with soured relationships altogether. This is not something that you should allow to happen to the way that you handle deals with clients.

Cover a lot

As much as possible, you need to cover as much ground as possible in terms of the shots that you need to take that are considered as must-haves by the clients that you are working with. The best way for you to go through this would be to just go ahead and go straight to the source.

Ask your clients directly about the shots that they think would turn out to be the most important for them all throughout the duration of the coverage of their wedding. Make sure that you get the list composed and well put together. Arrange the items included depending on the sequence of the wedding so that you can go through it in a fairly orderly fashion. Concentrate and focus on the list at all times and do not deviate from it so that you don’t miss any important item included.

Go out of your way to make the subjects comfortable.

You will never succeed as a wedding photographer Sussex if your subjects feel awkward around you all throughout the wedding photo shoot. An uncomfortable subject will never be someone who will end up with good looking or with flattering photos at the end of the day. As a wedding photographer, this is something that you should seriously be focusing your energies on as well. Work on being able to create a kind of environment that is laid back and comfortable enough for the subjects to feel as if they will turn out to be free enough to be themselves and to let their inner personalities shine. When the subjects feel more comfortable around you and whenever they feel as if they will be able to go ahead and connect with you on a deeper kind of level, you will be surprised at how authentic the photos will end up looking like once they come out.

Change perspective

Change up your perspectives as a wedding photographer Sussex every now and then. Ideally, the best kind of perspective to take is the perspective of your clients, of course. However, somewhere along the way, you will have to adjust to the perspective of the guests that you are working with as well, even if they are not technically your direct clients when it all comes down to it. Be willing and be flexible enough to work things out for as far as angles are concerned. Change things up for as far as angles are concerned because this can really bring out the best in your photos.

Wedding Photographer Tips In Dealing With The Bride

Always make the bride the center of the entire affair.

wedding photographerThis should be a top priority for every wedding photographer. After all, when it all comes down to it, the wedding has always been and will always be all about the bride and as a wedding photographer, you need to really go out of your way to make sure that that is going to happen.

Try not to deviate your focus away from the bride all throughout the time that you are covering the wedding. You need to showcase her in the best of lights. You need to make her come out looking like the best possible version of herself.

Make sure that you pay attention to how she is posed and to how she is portrayed as.

Always go for something that is flattering to her. Talk to her about the things that she feels confident about herself and about her body as well as the things that she is a bit insecure about. In order for her to open things up like these to you, you need to establish a deeper kind of relationship with the bride other than just the superficial aspects of building rapport alone. Always get the bride’s buy in on anything and everything that you are doing for the wedding photography side of things as well. A wedding photographer in essex should always be in league with the bride for as far as shooting the wedding is concerned.

Find out about the things that she is comfortable with and confident about and the things that she is not.

You should aim to know her a little better as her wedding photographer. One way for you to ease up on this particular topic would be for you to ask the bride to fill out a questionnaire ahead of time. Advise her to try to go ahead and answer the questions as candidly as she possibly can. Explain to her that you really need this kind of valuable info so that you will be able to cover the wedding as efficiently and as effectively as you need to at the end of the day. There will be times wherein you might need to broach certain topics that might be uncomfortable and awkward but still necessary and that’s alright. What you need to do is to make sure that you get to go ahead and strike the right and healthy kind of balance the entire time that you are at it.

Always boost the bride’s confidence in you and in what you can do as a wedding photographer.

This well help her calm down and soothe some of her nerves for the upcoming wedding day knowing that she can rely on a true professional. Don’t bother the bride or alarm her in any way unless you absolutely have to. If it is something that you will be able to troubleshoot on your own, then you should go ahead and do it. Try to put out your own fires while you are at it.

Awesome Advice For A Wedding Photographer In Cheshire

Have the right equipment.

wedding photographyHaving all of the right equipment as a wedding photographer in Cheshire is extremely important to start off with. You can’t launch a career as a professional wedding photographer in the first place if you do not have all of the right tools in order for you to make sure that you will be able to get started the right way when it all comes down to it. The first thing for you to think about is the fact that this kind of career will be financially challenging to say the least, at least during the first few years after you have started things out. It will not be easy.

Nothing about starting out as a greenhorn wedding photographer in an industry that is literally swarming with experts and established and well connected professionals will ever be easy. However, before you start to lose hope and before you allow yourself to get discouraged from pursuing it as a career choice, you need to remind yourself of the fact that it is possible and it is very much doable for as long as you have the right kind of passion for it when it all comes down to it. You just need your basics down pat so that you can start to get the ball rolling.

Own at least two cameras.

A wedding photographer in Cheshire needs at least two cameras. You need a primary camera as your man tool as or as your main weapon of choice. It should be in good condition and it should be extremely well maintained. Try to go for the best that your money can buy and try not to skimp on it as much as possible. At the same time, you also need to start working on getting yourself a second camera somewhere along the way.

A second camera will serve as your insurance or as your backup in the event that things don’t happen exactly as you would like them do whenever you are shooting as someone’s main wedding photographer. There is always the possibility of equipment failure or equipment damage during the wedding. You will need access to a secondary camera one way or the other and make sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to keep moving forward and to keep on shooting at the end of the day. Borrow or lease it out if you have to but never allow yourself to show up at a wedding photo shoot without it.

Buy a tripod

A tripod is another accessory that every wedding photographer in Cheshire needs. Once you have your basic cameras and lenses down pat, make sure that you invest in a high quality tripod. A tripod will help stabilize your camera when you are using long lenses and it will give you the freedom to step back and to assess the composition from a distance because your hands are not tied up all the time.

Get a handy camera bag

Get a handy camera bag with you while you are moving around as a wedding photographer in Cheshire. Go for something that is weather proof because you will most likely be exposed to the elements when you are shooting the weddings that you book. Go for something padded as well so that you protect the more fragile gear you have along.

What to Consider as a Wedding Photographer Looking at Photography Courses

Formal training

photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, there will be a point in your career wherein you will tell yourself that you seriously need to check out any photography course options that you might take up at some point or so. This will put you in a really good place in terms of competitiveness and in terms of being able to go head to head with the rest of the other experts out there.

When you have formal training of any kind, you have the added advantage of a precision approach to what you would like to implement to your technique and to the craft that you are practicing during the weddings that you shoot. It pays off a lot when you know what you are aiming for as well as the 1-2 step that you need to go through with in order for you to attain results. Nothing is ever random or not calculated and that means that you don’t leave anything up to chance. That can assure you that you actually get to replicate something no matter how may times you do it again and again because you have a certain process for it. You will also get a far better chance at getting hired for top and high profile jobs as a wedding photographer when you have the credentials to show for it.


Always start off with the kind of photography course that you would like to check out during the progression of your course search. It should have a theme that is consistent or that has anything to do with what you are trying to pull off as a professional wedding photographer. You should go with something that is wedding themed, or go with portraiture, or go with documentary, or budoir (for the bridal shoot), and so on and so forth. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that it is something that you will eventually be able to use in your career as you go along. Sift through the photography courses based off of this and check them out as you go along. Be picky with the stuff that you shortlist because it will more or less get to dictate how the rest of your career as a wedding photographer will pan out over time.

Skill Level

Check out the skill level that the photography course in offering out and correlate that with the kind of skill level that you may currently be in as a wedding photographer. It is important that you don’t end up blowing anything up. Be honest with yourself and with your level of expertise. If you have not have any kind of formal training before, there really is no shame in trying to start from the most basic photography courses out there. At least you get to have something that will ensure a firm and a comprehensive foundation of knowledge that you will get to build on top of over time and over the years. If you enroll in a course that is too advanced for you, you will not end up learning anything from it anyway and you might just be wasting a ton of money over it.

Social Media Engagement for the Wedding Photographer

Reply promptly.

wedding photographerIt is very important for a wedding photographer to always reply to people promptly and in the most succinct of ways in social media. In this day and age, it is virtually possible to do just about anything for as far as marketing is concerned. Social media is a platform that can provide you as a wedding photographer with that kind of reach and even so much more as you go along. It is something that you should try to go ahead and take advantage of as much as possible because you will be missing out on so many possibilities and opportunities if you don’t seize the day and do what you can or get what you can get out of it when it all comes down to it.

Be patient

Whenever there are questions or comments about your services, you should be patient enough to update people accordingly. There will be a lot of times wherein you might find it tiresome to do so every single time. You will feel as if there are people out there who are just shopping out for options or the wedding that they are planning out is so far off for you to be interested in. Regardless of what the situation may be, the fact remains that they are interested in checking you out as a viable option to be the wedding photographer that they might possibly hire to cover their wedding. That is a huge deal and something that you should not be taking for granted. Take it upon yourself to really steel will into replying to all of the comments and any other inquiries that people might want to initiate with you. It is a healthy way for you to be able to start propagating your online presence as a wedding photographer through the use of social media.

Engage followers

Engaging your followers is the best way to show people that you are active and that you are quite on the ball of things. When they feel as if you update everything thoroughly and completely, they tend to view you as someone efficient and someone who is very detail oriented. Those are two great qualities to find in a wedding photographer and something that might up your chances of getting hired for the next wedding event. It will not always be easy or it may not result to getting a closed deal right off the bat but what you need to remind yourself of at the end of the day is that it will all be worth it eventually. You just need to soldier on and keep moving on.

Visit other pages

If you don’t have enough followers to engage in just yet, it might be worth your while to go ahead and visit other pages or other platforms and spark conversation from there. Share your two cents about certain topics or posts that have anything to do about wedding photography. This will help people to get to know you more and more and it will prove to be quite useful and effective when it comes to increasing the number of audiences that get to see you and know about you, even if it is just online and through the use of social media.

Marketing through Blogging About Vendors for Every Wedding Photographer

Start up a blog

wedding photographerLearning how to start up a blog and how to maintain it with the best possible quality all of the time is something that every professional wedding photographer out there should be able to learn. Even when you aren’t really booking any clients just yet, the fact that you are active with your blog will already get to give you the kind of jump start that you need in your career.

There are so many wedding photographers out there but only a few of them are actually quite skilled when it comes to propagating their online presence and this is certainly a niche that you can go ahead and take the lead in if you know how to start things right and if you focus well on how you will be able to move things forward as you go along.

Use your blog

Always use your blog as a wedding photographer for you to reach out to the rest of the other wedding industry vendors that you might have worked with in the weddings that that you have covered previously. Go around or have your second shooter or assistant go around during the wedding to give out a quick word of introduction to these vendors. Give out a nice business card just so that they will have a little something to remember you by from the interaction. Make it a point to ask for their business card as well if they have something that they can give out to you. Collate all of the info that you have managed to collect from the wedding and make sure that you are able to dedicate a section of your wedding photography blog to list down all of the other vendors that you have worked hand in hand with during the wedding to make the preparations come to life and to bring the event to reality.

Include their business names

When you are writing up the vendors list, make sure that you are able to include their business names as well as the live links that will have your readers lead up to their specific blog sites as well, as a way of promoting them and helping them out in their businesses. When people feel as if there is something that is in it for them, they will be more than happy to share it with their own audiences, making your marketing reach extend out much further than you would have initially thought. It is also something that people call business karma.

Promote and help others

When you actively help out in promoting and helping others gain more audiences in the things that you write up online, they are more inclined to go ahead and do the same for you, as a way of reciprocating your efforts. When you come to think about it, it’s something that can turn out to be mutually beneficial for both parties and it is something that can come with no specific added cost so you can give out recommendations and features to a lot of the vendors that you work with without having to shell out any kind of expense in the process.