Mistakes the Wedding Photographer Hampshire Should Avoid Making

We all make mistakes from time to time.

wedding photographer HampshireAnd we don’t dwell on them, but learn to become better. We learn to not make those mistakes a second time and promise that we’ll do better next time. But as a wedding photographer Hampshire, you don’t really get to say that you will do better next time.

Wedding photography is one of that business that is actually expensive and happens on once in a lifetime. You’ve always got only one shot to do this right, so here are mistakes that you definitely don’t want to accidentally make.

Spending too much on the wrong things

When you freelance and become the master of your own business, it’s literally easy to focus on the wrong things. You think upgrading your gears are important to your business and you set your eye on the newest camera body that cost 4 to 5 times your original gear. Or maybe you thought that you should be blogging even more on your site because your site is not getting enough visits and exposures.

Most of the time, your $2,999 gears are doing great and blogging might not be your forte that you should be spending too much time on. There are definitely more important things you should be focused on!

You don’t know how to price

Many photographers who are just starting out think that it’s okay to sell their service cheaply. As a matter of fact, discount does attract the attention of many people. However, your marketing techniques should never involve selling yourself too low or high. Clients want to find a professional photographer and are often willing to spend more than the budget they allocated.

A wedding photographer Hampshire should consider the hours spent, how much you want to earn a month or annually and the prices your competitors are setting up.

You look horrible in wedding parties

The last thing your client need is to have you appear at their wedding parties in sloppy T-shirts and shorts. No, don’t do that, no matter how comfortable it may seem for your work. It’s true that to make great pictures, you have to feel comfortable about moving around for the whole day in what you wear. But equally important quality to uphold is to be respectful to the clients that have paid you $2,000.

If you are not directly hired by clients, but by a wedding organizer, you are hurting your image and they might not want to hire you ever again. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to spend $100 to get a new pair of formal pants.

‘I’m also a commercial photographer…’

Most photographers cannot rely on only one type of photography unless the potentials are big and retention is possible. With wedding photography, you don’t get that much retention, so you might want to expand to another line of work. However, make sure that it’s not something of a completely different line of work. It has to remain as something related to wedding photography.

For example, a wedding photographer Hampshire like http://www.danishapple.com/ also expands his line of work to baby and family portraits. They are still related because you also work on family portraits in wedding photography.