Landscape Photography: Why It’s Important

Northern Ireland wedding photographerIt cannot be denied that a Northern Ireland wedding photographer always have the chance to enjoy stunning backdrop of wedding venues. There are so many wedding locations with amazing views being located in a beautiful vista. Your client will most appreciate it if you can capture the pictures that also incorporate these views with it.

And this is just the opening of the reason why landscape photography is something you want to learn to do.

Beautiful place

A wedding venue is usually chosen after a long contemplation by the couples. They want the place they are going to hold their wedding at has a great view, provide good services and those are all for the sake of good memories. Everyone would want to take pictures here!

You, as the photographer, have to make sure that this won’t go to waste. It’s not an everyday occasion.


Landscape photography isn’t something new. It’s true that there are also a lot of other photographers doing the same thing. But you can still be different.

We all have our own tone and style in capturing the pictures. Even landscape pictures can be different if we capture them in our own way. At such a beautiful place, always try to capture it from a different perspective. You might have done your research and saw some pictures that others have taken. Try seeing it from a different angle.

It’s also okay to do it like others do as some couples want it, too. “Because others too this picture, we also want the same one, too!” You don’t come to a wedding venue every day, after all.

Check out examples

There are many landscape pictures examples by, a creative Northern Ireland wedding photographer. If you’re stuck in a rut, this site can become a place to get your inspiration from.

A lot of wedding photographers don’t think much about using or incorporating a different style of photography. Some don’t even realize they are doing it. But knowing, understanding and employing it like this will give you the upper hand among other photographers.

Different from wedding photography

The landscape is slightly different from your usual human subject. It usually entails a faraway object which the camera cannot focus on. You are also dealing with nature that you cannot change as you like. It’s all up to your perspectives and captures the view. The location itself is already beautiful, so you usually can’t go wrong.

Yet, if you are simply capturing something that others do, don’t do that. Do it differently. Learn the techniques of landscape photography and configure it to a mode that will also fit your subject, the couple.

As portfolios

A lot of clients that hired expensive wedding venue sometimes want to see that their photographer knows how to appreciate it. They want the place to also be captured and make the investment they made on the building worth it. If you can show how you’ve captured the view perfectly with the couple, they’d surely know that you’re at least capable of something not everyone can.

A Northern Ireland wedding photographer can never go wrong with excelling in landscape photography.