Check Out These 5 Things When You Hire a Photobooth

hire a photoboothIt seems that there is almost no wedding parties these days that go by without having a photobooth during the reception party. It’s just that must-have entertainment that women especially love. And for a very good reason! But, before you hire a photobooth, we would love you to just make sure these 5 things are okay before you agree to it.

Just to make sure that the provider is responsible and provides you quality photobooth, not something that everyone is going to remember your wedding negatively with.

1.  Reliable provider

The first most important thing to make sure is that you are dealing with a serious, responsible photobooth provider. It is a deal that often does not cost more than a few hundred dollars and some people don’t do contracts for this. But to be safe, you can ask for a contract to be made to make the agreement legally strong.

Another way to make sure is by getting samples from the provider or hiring the photobooth from your photographer. Most wedding photographers can easily prove their legitimacy by showing portfolios, providing contracts, etc.

2.  Quality pictures

You can ask your provider to allow you to try the photobooth. Do this by taking one or two pictures with the booth and see if the quality is to your liking. Most photobooths nowadays print out high-quality pictures that are sharp with all the colors captured.

3.  Fun!

Perhaps, the most important part of taking pictures in a photobooth is the fun part. You want people to enjoy taking their pictures, express themselves in the merry atmosphere of your wedding. Most providers do this by providing the feature to add stickers to the pictures and props to help them express their craziness. is the site to go if you want to get some good examples of what kind of pictures you should expect when you hire a photobooth.

There are many things different providers do to make your photobooth worth it. They provide you guestbooks in hopes that your guests will take pictures and maybe leave a message or two with the pictures. It could be a guestbook or something else that’s along the line, which is a great way to make it a really memorable party.

4.  Flexible

Most photobooths are open before the reception starts and a few hours after it starts. These are the hours where guests often walk around as they are not entirely focused on the party or because the party hasn’t started, yet. A good provider won’t just rent you the booth and make you think how you should take care of it.

They come with a butler that knows how to operate it and help guests to use it. They also open and close the booth as per agreement or as long as it’s within the allocated time.

5.  Complements the place

Nothing is more annoying than having a piece of decoration that just stuck out like an eyesore in the middle of a beautiful party you are personally involved in decorating. That may be the description of the photobooth you hired! So, before you hire a photobooth, ask the provider if they can customize the look or as like tone it down so it is visually annoying.