Is There A Fast Route to Becoming an Expert Photographer Surrey?

photographer SurreyEver heard the phrase “there’s no easy way out”? Well the same applies to photography. There are no shortcuts! The path to success may be tough but at the end of the day it is all worth it.

If there is ever a profession that embodies the proverb “anything worth doing is worth doing well”, then that profession is photography. Therefore if you have the intention to embark on the journey to being a professional photographer Surrey, then you have to ensure that you do the right things.

Below, we have listed out 3 things you should strive to do to ensure you are a successful photographer.

  • Read Up

Most photographers will argue that photography is an instinctual profession. That is, you hold your camera and shoot the moments as they occur based on what your gut dictates to be right. Most people have never taken a course on photography or studied the manual of a camera yet they are quite handy with it.

Anybody can wield a camera but what separates an expert photographer from every other individual is the knowledge they possess. The only way to gain knowledge is by being constantly open to learning. Learning in the sense that you do not restrict yourself to what you already know.

You take the initiative to require about new things and to also learn them. New cameras are being placed on the market every year. With these new cameras, new tricks are coming out everyday and new ways of capturing images are applied. You do not want to be stuck using an old method of an easier and more innovative one exists.

  • Understand Customer Service

Many photographers have lucked out of success all because they do not deliver what is known as customer service. “Customer is king” is a popular phrase in the business world. You might think that as a photographer Surrey the fact that you own your studio means that you are your own boss but that is wrong. In business, the customer is your boss. Whatever they say goes.

You need to find a way to ensure that your future clients or current clients do not find you wanting when it comes to service delivery. You need to be responsive to there needs, you need to be efficient when delivering, you also need to know how to communicate among other things.

  • Join a Professional Association

In business, connections are important. You need to build a network or be a part of a network that can support your business. No man is an island. Therefore, as you embark on your journey as a photographer, one of the first things you ought to do is to register to join for an association of photographers.

From this network, you can meet new people and make connections that will be beneficial to you. The connections you form can be long lasting and prove to be rewarding in the long run.

For more information on building a successful business as a photographer Surrey, check out you are bound to find more things of use.

Check Out These 5 Things When You Hire a Photobooth

hire a photoboothIt seems that there is almost no wedding parties these days that go by without having a photobooth during the reception party. It’s just that must-have entertainment that women especially love. And for a very good reason! But, before you hire a photobooth, we would love you to just make sure these 5 things are okay before you agree to it.

Just to make sure that the provider is responsible and provides you quality photobooth, not something that everyone is going to remember your wedding negatively with.

1.  Reliable provider

The first most important thing to make sure is that you are dealing with a serious, responsible photobooth provider. It is a deal that often does not cost more than a few hundred dollars and some people don’t do contracts for this. But to be safe, you can ask for a contract to be made to make the agreement legally strong.

Another way to make sure is by getting samples from the provider or hiring the photobooth from your photographer. Most wedding photographers can easily prove their legitimacy by showing portfolios, providing contracts, etc.

2.  Quality pictures

You can ask your provider to allow you to try the photobooth. Do this by taking one or two pictures with the booth and see if the quality is to your liking. Most photobooths nowadays print out high-quality pictures that are sharp with all the colors captured.

3.  Fun!

Perhaps, the most important part of taking pictures in a photobooth is the fun part. You want people to enjoy taking their pictures, express themselves in the merry atmosphere of your wedding. Most providers do this by providing the feature to add stickers to the pictures and props to help them express their craziness. is the site to go if you want to get some good examples of what kind of pictures you should expect when you hire a photobooth.

There are many things different providers do to make your photobooth worth it. They provide you guestbooks in hopes that your guests will take pictures and maybe leave a message or two with the pictures. It could be a guestbook or something else that’s along the line, which is a great way to make it a really memorable party.

4.  Flexible

Most photobooths are open before the reception starts and a few hours after it starts. These are the hours where guests often walk around as they are not entirely focused on the party or because the party hasn’t started, yet. A good provider won’t just rent you the booth and make you think how you should take care of it.

They come with a butler that knows how to operate it and help guests to use it. They also open and close the booth as per agreement or as long as it’s within the allocated time.

5.  Complements the place

Nothing is more annoying than having a piece of decoration that just stuck out like an eyesore in the middle of a beautiful party you are personally involved in decorating. That may be the description of the photobooth you hired! So, before you hire a photobooth, ask the provider if they can customize the look or as like tone it down so it is visually annoying.

How To Get Gorgeous Headshots

Study the light.

headshots ChicagoOne of the biggest tricks that every subject of consequence needs to know about when it comes to the aspect of posing for headshots Chicago is that the lighting is something that needs to be paid attention to as much as possible. It tends to pay to study where the light is coming from and how you will be able to position yourself against it when you are posing in front of the camera. Look out for openings in the photo studio or wherever your venue may be. The best sort of light to take advantage of when you are posing for headshots would have to be natural light. Time your photo shoot accordingly. The best hours for photography are the hours shortly after the sun rises and shortly before the sun sets. Study this and take advantage of this and you will have your headshots turn out in the long run.

Know your angles.

When you know what your angles are, you will be able to advantageously pose for the headshots Chicago accordingly. You can practice this even in your own privacy. Whenever you have a mirror in front of you, make it a point to practice your poses and know what your best angles are so far. It will ensure that you will turn out to have a far easier time facing the camera and getting your shots taken accordingly when you know which angles you look great from so far. It isn’t as hard as you may think. Even though models have done this and have mastered this for the longest time running, those who aren’t professionals in what they do have gone ahead and done the same as well.

Make eye contact.

Don’t be a stranger to the camera nor to the professional photographer that you are trying to work with. Think of the camera lens as another set of eyes that you need to go ahead and communicate with accordingly. Learn how you will be able to do that without ever having to say a single word while you are at it. Communicating isn’t as hard as you might think it will be. It all boils down to how you harness your emotions and how you translate that into the way that you get things connected with the camera. Capitalize on this and your headshots Chicago will come out looking so much better in the end of it all.

Pluck your head from the background.

One dimensionality tends to be a common issue in headshots and this is something that you should try to overcome as much as possible. Turn your head ever so slightly just so that you will be able to come out of the background and give your headshots a little more distinction. This little trick will ensure that you get to make your photos come out looking so much better. You still need to look straight at the camera so this is a bit of a challenge but one that you can overcome nonetheless.

Tips For Great Headshots

Practice the expressions on your face.

headshots chicagoThis might sound pretty hard to do but for as long as you have a mirror that you can practice your expressions in, you are pretty much all set and this is what you ought to be making the most use out of as much as possible. You can do it in the bathroom or when you are seated in your vanity desk or pretty much anywhere that has a mirror of sorts.

Talk through your eyes.

Words won’t really do anything for you unless you make it a point to strike up some sort of conversation with your photographer so that you get to lighten the mood up for the photo shoot at some point or so. The key to succeeding in this is for you to more or less talk through your eyes. Think of the camera lens as someone else’s eyes. Exaggerate the emotions a little and try to see if you can get the emotions across one way or the other.

Breathe and relax a little.

Being tense during the time of the photo shoot can be a really hard thing for a photographer to work with and you can’t afford to have something like that going on during the time of the photo session. What you can do is to learn a few breathing exercises that will more or less allow you to visibly look more relaxed and come out looking great in the headshots that are being taken of you. The thing about an uncomfortable subject is that it will always come out no matter how hard you try to hide it and this is why you should really make certain that you are able to do something about it. The photographer is there to help you every step of the way. You don’t have to be nervous around him. Get to know him a little. It doesn’t need to be awkward or anything like that at all.

Chin awareness is important.

Posing for headshots Chicago isn’t as easy as it sounds because there’s always that chin business that you need to try to take care of as much as possible. You certainly wouldn’t want to end up with double or triple chins in your headshots Chicago so try to be aware of how you lift your face or how you position your neck or something fairly similar to that. The last thing that you would want to end up doing is giving the photographer an eyeful of your nostrils and multiple rolls of chin being captured in your headshots Chicago. Keep your chin well positioned as much as possible. No one looks good with a double chin, no matter what you might probably think. It shouldn’t be something that you ought to be fixating on at any point in time but it sure does help if you are well aware of the fact that this can turn out to be a possibility when it all comes down to it.

Why It’s Not Enough To Check An Event Photography Website

event photographerTaking a look at an event photography website is not enough for you to know which professional to book for your event. Even if you are impressed by what you see, you still need to exert the effort to actually meet up with this professional in person as much as possible. The interviews that you conduct with the event photographers that you are thinking about hiring for the job will set the tone for how the rest of the event photography service will turn out looking like.

Ask questions

It really is quite interesting to know how a photographer answers questions, deals with situations, and just reacts in general based on what you ask him about during the interviews that you conduct. On top of that, you will also be able to ask him any follow up questions that you might want to ask him based off of his answers to your main questions. It allows you to segue back and forth on add on topics that you probably have not thought out or planned out at the end of the day and this is the type of thing that you need to pay attention to as much as possible as a potential client when it all comes down to it.

Consider the theme and the dress code for the event and make sure that your event photographer is aware of that so that he knows what to wear and how to strategize his shots during the event. Think of the theme that you are planning out for the event and make sure that you are more or less able to communicate that effectively with the event photographer of your  choice when it all comes down to it.

Themes and dress codes

Different events usually have varying themes and dress codes and a pretty good way to get your event photographer looped in on this would be for you to show him an invitation so that he will more or less have an idea about what you are requiring from your guests for the event in terms of dress code, conduct, what to bring and so on and so forth. If you have an event coordinator working things out for you, get him in touch with that person as well so that you can get things taken into account when it all comes down to it.

3-click rule

Establish the three-click rule when he is taking photos of people entering and leaving the event premises. Take note of the fact that the guests who will be attending your event will be there for the event and not to spend an awful lot of time with the event photographer that you hired for the said event. Have your event photographer take three shots of a certain scene or person and then have him move on to the next. Composition is crucial so three shots per scene really isn’t a bad way to go or to get things done.

Require a second, third, or even fourth shooter depending on how big or how small your event might turn out to be at the end of the day. Events can be quite busy and hectic and this might be a little too much for one event photographer to cover all alone at the end of the day.

What To Learn From A Photographer’s Portfolio

Planning out a wedding in Surrey is bound to be something beautiful and worth looking at.

photographer's portfolioAs a bride, one of the top priorities that you need to go ahead and set on the table as much as possible is the aspect of booking someone to cover the photography needs for your wedding. This is not something that you should be neglecting. When you come to think about it, wedding photography really is a bit of an investment for as far as planning out a wedding in Surrey in concerned. Think about it, you are spending for the venue, the food, the flowers, the shuttle services and possibly accommodations as well for the guests on top of a hundred other things that you need to take care of. The least that you can do is to make sure that you actually have great and high quality pictures that can help you remember the special day by.

Always pay attention to who is taking pictures of your wedding.

Go for someone who is very highly experienced and someone who is really quite good in what he does. You should never settle for anything less than this. When looking for a wedding photographer Surrey, the main thing that you should be taking a look at as much as possible is the photographer’s portfolio. The portfolio can tell you so much about a wedding photographer’s profile without him saying a word just yet or without you even meeting up with him.

First off, identify what a wedding photographer’s go-to or main photography style is.

This should give you a bit of an idea about the things that you should be taking into account at the end of the day. is the wedding photographer’s style in line with the kind of vibe or theme that you are going for during the wedding? Is it something that you can really see in your future wedding coverage? When you book someone because you like his photography style, you are booking him for his specific specialty and this really is one of the most important things that you can take into account at the end of the day so pay attention as much as possible and make sure that this is the type of thing that is always out front and center.

You will also be able to gauge a wedding photographer’s level of post production expertise based off of what you see in the photos and how he lays things down. You aren’t exactly looking for overly Photoshopped shots but you do need someone who can touch up and incorporate amazing yet natural looking effects in the photos that he ends up taking. This can be seen in the way that the photos pan out so try to see if you will be able to keep fresh eyes out for details all of the time because it can really turn out to make quite a difference. A wedding photographer who is great with the composition of his shots but has zero post editing skills whatsoever can easily be pushed to the curb by a wedding photographer with just satisfactory skills but great editing skills.

Setting Up A Destination Wedding

destination weddingDestination weddings are something that people have been looking forward to for the longest time running and if you happen to be a bride who is currently in the process of planning out a destination wedding somewhere that is exotic or somewhere that you have always wanted to check out, then it would work out in your best interest if you plan things out the right way when it all comes down to it. You need to manage your expectations the right way as much as possible.

Take note of the fact that it will not be easy but it will be workable.

Destination weddings are expensive and they are a logistical nightmare to have to work out even for some of the most experienced wedding coordinators or planners out there. This is what you need to really pay attention to. Manage your expectations ahead of time. You need to get right down into the nitty gritty details and make it a point to really assess things accordingly at the end of the day. if you don’t think you have a generous workable budget to pull off something like this, make sure that you set up all of the right parameters in terms of budgeting and the like. Keep a really tight leash on something like this because you can easily lose control and end up blowing things way out of the water in terms of financing and the like.

Get your wedding venue checked out.

The biggest mistake that you will ever end up making is booking a wedding in a destination that you have never really been to just yet. Make sure that you have actually travelled to the place and make sure that you have a good working knowledge of how the local scene pans out and looks like at the end of the day. it would be a good idea if you go on vacation at around the same time of the year that you are planning the wedding out just so that you can manage your expectations the right way and just so that you already know what to look out for, what the possible risks and opportunities are for when you are mapping out the prep work for the destination wedding that you would like to achieve or share with your partner.

Document the right way.

Make sure that you end up hiring a great professional destination photographer so that the wedding is documented the right way as well. All of the efforts and the expenses that you go through with will end up going to waste if you don’t have pictures to remember your special day by. A great professional destination photographer can really make all of the difference for you and for the memories that you will end up making during the wedding so get this looked into as much as possible. Professional photography is something that you really need to prepare for the right way. Get your research done and make sure that everything has been taken into account before you make any decisions.

How To Prep Up For A Portrait Photo Shoot

portrait photographerPrepping yourself up for the portrait photo shoot of a lifetime is something that comes to you or that will come to you one way or the other. If, by any chance, you happen to have a need for portrait photographers for any reason at all, then you need to know how to prepare for a portrait photo shoot the right way. This might not sound as technical or as difficult as it really is but in reality, there are actually a bunch of things that you can go ahead and look into in order to make sure that things will really get to work out to your advantage at the end of the day.

First up, make sure that you get into this with the right kind of mindset.

A portrait photo shoot is not the type of thing that you should be dreading, even if you aren’t the type who likes posing for photos in the first place. As a matter of fact, if you do things the right way, you are bound to get some serious results out of this and it will all play out for you the right way in the long run.

Make sure that you approach the portrait photo shoot absolutely relaxed and with the right kind of mindset for what you are about to do.

Don’t think of it as a photographer or as someone else getting a closer glimpse of your appearances and about all of your ensuing bodily insecurities at the end of the day. You shouldn’t be seeing things like that. Use this as a way for you to become a little bit more confident of how you look. This is something that you can achieve by getting a visit in the salon. Get a new haircut. Get groomed. Get a body scrub. Drink lots of water to make sure that you are properly hydrated and that your skin glows and looks flawless during the day of the portrait photo shoot.

Practice posing in the mirror.

Practice taking selfies so that you are well aware about what your strong angles and about what your weak angles are. This way, you will be able to manipulate the portrait photo shoot based on what you think works for you and what works for the overall results of your photos at the end of the day. Look into this as much as possible and you will surely be able to get something worth looking at in the first place.

Establish connection

Establish that kind of connection with your portrait photographer wherein you really get to tell him how you are feeling, what your preferences are, and what your suggestions are to make the photo shoot come out with better looking pictures at the end of the day. You should feel absolutely comfortable with the photographer that you opt to book for the portrait photo shoot. Review or check out this portrait photographer’s site for more insights on how to prep up for your portrait photo shoot if you are planning one in Berkshire.

When Booking An Oxfordshire Baby Photographer

Oxfordshire based newborn photographerIf you are planning to go ahead and look into the possibility of hiring out an Oxfordshire baby photographer to document the first few precious phases of babyhood, then you need to make sure that you really go for someone who is skilled and who is an absolute professional in what he does. Opting for an amateur at this point in time might turn out to be a bit of a mistake. You need to take note of the fact that when it all comes down to it, the babyhood days are fleeting and absolutely precious. You can’t just leave this off to chance and leave something as important as this off to the hands of an amateur. You need someone who will always be able to follow through on anything and everything that you are trying to pull off when it all comes down to it.

You need to understand that although this is usually the type of thing that is being viewed as a more relaxed niche of photography, there is still some serious technique and focus required in order to really pull this off the right way and you will not be able to achieve this if you don’t hire a veritable professional in what he does.

Do your share.

Make sure that you get to pull your own weight and do your own share in ensuring that the baby photo shoot will turn out to be a success at the end of the day. You can’t just leave things off to have the photographer take care of everything. As a parent, you need to make sure that you get to prepare your baby the right way as well. Make sure that the baby is well bathed and well fed and that he is comfortable all throughout the time that he is there. Everything will add up and everything will eventually lead up to what his mood and overall disposition will turn out to be for the baby photo shoot and this is the type of thing that you will be able to control if you prepare the baby well enough for this.

Make sure that he has slept well the night before.

Make sure that he is cozy and warm enough to really be comfortable during the shoot. Make sure that there is mild music playing somewhere in the background to really help make the environment conducive to what he is trying to pull off at the end of the day. Things like this tend to matter a lot and you should really pay attention.

Schedule the baby photo shoot in the morning.

If there is any chance that you will be able to set up the schedule well ahead of time, then you should go ahead and do so as much as you possibly can. You shouldn’t be all that content on just going for whatever time. The mornings will always turn out to be the best kind of schedule that you could possibly go for and this is why you should actively go after this said schedule.

What To Look For In A Portrait Photography Site

Look at the signs

portrait photographerIf you are planning out a portrait photography shoot or project at some point or so, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind or take into account is the aspect of looking at all of the right signs or positive features in hiring one in the first place. You need to get into this knowing what you are supposed to do right off the bat. If you don’t, you might end up with someone who is completely wrong for you and completely wrong for the photo shoot that you are trying to envision and bring to life at the end of the day. This is not the way that you would like to do things.

More than that, keep in mind as well that you are spending a good amount of money for the services of the professional portrait photographer that you are thinking about hiring so you need to go ahead and make the most out of it at all times. Opting for someone you just knew or heard about 5 minutes ago may not be the wisest way for you to go about with the way that you are supposed to handle things at the end of the day and you need to take this into account as much as possible.

Judge work

Judge the work of the portrait photographer that you are thinking about hiring and not based off how he conducts himself, how he packages the approach, and how he presents the services at the end of the day. It should be something so much better than that and you, above all people, should know this better than anyone. Don’t just take things at face value. In this day and age, you need to be a lot smarter and a lot more street savvy than that. Base it off of the portfolio that he has up in his portrait photography site at the end of the day.

Make sure that you don’t end up being too impressed too soon with the works that you get to see or check out.

Take things in with a grain of salt as much as possible and take things slow. Compare their services and their works accordingly with the rest of the other professional portrait photographers out there in the industry. Take this into account as much as possible so that you always end up with the best of the best out there. Marketing doesn’t really mean anything at the end of the day. It all boils down to someone’s ability to go ahead and deliver everything that you would like him to deliver after all has been said and done.

Great editing skills aren’t always that commendable.

There is a pretty good chance that the highly edited photo that you end up admiring in his portfolio is actually a result of pretty lame work and this is what you need to watch out for as much as possible. You need someone who can really shoot and who can come up with all of the right compositions at the end of the day. This will only happen if things pan out accordingly based off of the raw photos that you are able to review. Not a lot of portrait photography sites will show you raw files but those who do end up being really great at it. Check out Serena Bolton’s work for amazing photos shot in raw.

Boudoir Photography Tips In Scotland

Classy vs Trashy

If there is anything you need to know about boudoir photography tips in boudoir photography tips in scotlandScotland, it would have to be the fact that there is a very thin line between what is classy and trashy and you need to do something about that as much as possible. You need to understand that boudoir photography is technically untested waters, even for some of the most experienced professional photographers out there. You might have a lot of hits with it but it will always have more misses and this isn’t the kind of thing that you should allow to let you down when it all comes down to it. Although it might be true that you won’t really figure out what the real grasp of things is, it is something that you will be able to learn the right way as you go along.

The thing is, there is no clear definition of boudoir photography. It really all boils down to what your clients are asking from you and from the shoot and what their individual liberties and limits will turn out to be. It is not the easiest thing to figure out but if you go ahead and take the time to get things done the right way, then you should be able to look into it.

Makeup and wardrobe

Be particular with the makeup and the wardrobe being used. The makeup and the wardrobe that the bride ends up wearing to the photo shoot will highly impact how the rest of the photos will turn out looking like. This is why you really need to go ahead and spend time on minute details like these as much as possible. There will always be things that will turn out to be far more complicated than the others but you should get right down to the basic aspect of what looks good and what doesn’t. The makeup doesn’t have to be heavy in order for you to pull off the boudoir photography shoot. Sometimes, when you keep things simple, you get to bring out the best qualities of the subject that you are shooting and that’s always a good thing if you know how to keep tab of things as you go along. Get the makeup checked out ahead of time. Convince the bride to have a practice shoot with the makeup artist so that you can advise what parts of the makeup should be played up or toned down somewhere along the way.

Lighting and angles

Make sure that you always check out boudoir photography tips in Scotland especially when it comes to lighting and angles. Lighting and angles are everything in boudoir photography. If you would like to do it right, then get your basics covered as much as you possibly can. Things will not be easy but they will most definitely be workable for as long as you know what you are doing after all has been said and done. Look into details like these all the time. Aim for natural light. Aim for diffused lighting because it is the most flattering. Be well aware of distortion and how it can skew images and how things appear.

Wedding Photographer In Cambridge Tips For Networking

Value of networking

wedding photographer in cambridgeAs a wedding photographer in Cambridge, you need to understand the value of networking and its impact to your revenue making capacity. Networking is one of those things that will never really go out of trend or style. For as long as you are trying to move forward with your business or with your career in wedding photography, it should be effective and workable enough for you to go ahead and try out at the end of the day. You need to understand that although this might not be one of the funnest things you have on your task list, this is one of the most crucial and you can’t really afford to miss out on anything while you are at it.

Start it out small.

You can start off with the business cards and flyers that you are giving out to people, whether they may be in the wedding industry or not. You will never really know for sure who might book you or who might bring you essential potential clients so don’t be too quick on discriminating the contacts that you get to meet somewhere along the way.

Be ready with a fresh stack of business cards all the time.

Business cards may sound like a thing of the past but it will surprise you time and time again how incredibly handy they can turn out to be for as long as you put your mind into it at the end of the day. More than that, you will never really know when something like that can come in handy. When people meet people, it can usually be a bit difficult and awkward giving your name and number away without a business card. A business card is something that will make the transaction quick and painless and this is the kind of thing that you should go ahead and check out as much as possible. Business cards don’t even cost too much money so this is something that you can easily pull off.

Introduce yourself to the rest of the world by maintaining a great blog and social media feed.

This is something that requires a little bit more work and a little bit more technicality but when done right, it comes in with so much potential. At the end of the day, you should seriously look into the aspect of a well developed and highly active online presence because it can really go a long way for as far as networking efforts are concerned. When people know where and how to find you, it will make the aspect of inquiring about your services so much easier to handle.

Partner with various vendors.

Come up with ex deals somewhere along the way. When you are partnered up with various vendors, the contacts that they have become your contacts as well, at an indirect kind of way. This is the kind of thing that you should go ahead and try out as much as possible. Show your vendors some love and they will most likely go back and do the same.